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Elenthium EventsEdit

We are happy to announce that we will host randomly events that means that we can host events at a anytime point you can follow our journey of our events by here we will update this page to inform you the latest upcomming journey of our elenthium events.

Elenthium News Edit

We have finaly created and managed our own wiki pedia page we will be maintenancing the wiki website page please be aware of that the wiki pedia page isn't stable yet as now as it is its currently unstable so please be patience until we have fixed the issues.

There will be also redirect llinks and activity drops loots from monsters and npcs this will be all set in the next 2 weeks or even earlier we cannot give a estimated time just wait until you see something new that have appeared into the wiki page.

You can read more information as soon as we update the page daily and weekly this page will keep you up-ahead with us and we will be sure to post the latest updates and activitys on the website Kind of Regards, Elenthium Staff.

Featured User Edit

Breath is one of the most active members of the wiki, whether it be image maintanance, fixing categories, reverting vandalism, frequenting chat or just helping out wherever needed, we are proud to have her as a member.

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