Donating Want to help the server by donating?
Then you came to the right place!
Max (Owner) has to pay the monthly server expenses like the Vps, domain to keep the server up and running.
If you willing fully donate, you are basically contributing to the server and you will be rewarded for such action.

Why donate to us? - Server Uptime 24/7
- More regularly updates
- You're Contributing to the server
- More Features to the server and forums

How to donate? You can donate via paypal or 2007 rsgp.
Only donate to Max.

Donator Features - Experience Rate x1.5
- Access to Donator Shop
- Donator Rank Ingame and on website
- Access to ::dz (Donatorzone teleport)
- Access to skin colours (Green, Blue ,Red )
- Access to Bank command can bank ::bank
- Access to Title Command can set a title (::title)
- Access to Setdisplay command (you can change your ingame name)
- When yelling you will have a donator icon beside your name

Extreme Donator Features - Experience Rate x3
- Access to all Auras
- Access to all normal donator features
- Access to all pets (Trolls you can set your troll name)
- Access to yell colours (you can change your yell colour)
- Access to yell prefixes (you can set your own yell prefix)
- Access to settitle command (you can set your own title)

If you would like to donate click here