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[1]Distractions and Diversions, sometimes abbreviated as D&D, is a classification of game features initially released by Jagex on 2 September 2008. These game features are unlike normal minigames, as some of these games or events either move around RuneScape, have a limit on how often they can be played, or both. All fourteen of the Distractions and Diversions are members-only.  


 [hide] *1 Ancient effigies

These events are usually used to divert the original intentions of the player, therefore a 'distraction' (as the name suggests). For example, if a player were to be training on werewolves in Canifisand then a shooting star lands near the bank, this could distract them from their combat training. Furthermore, these events could possibly be negative to those with strict training schedules.

D&D tokens are occasionally added to the Squeal of Fortune, offering cooldown resets on D&Ds, allowing one to repeat them despite the normal restriction and earn more rewards.

Ancient effigiesEditEdit

Main article: Ancient effigies

Ancient effigies were released on 15 June 2010. These require randomly selected non-combat skills (levels ranging from 91 to 97) to restore, rewarding a significant amount of experience in the skills used and a Dragonkin Lamp upon full completion of the effigy.

They do not require any specific levels to receive as a drop, and the assist system can be used if players do not have the required level in either of the two skills the Effigy requires. Each stage of the effigy has two different skills which can be used before passing onto the next stage.

There are four stages of effigies:

An effigy will always be found in the "Starved" stage. After uncovering its experience, its stage will change. For example, a starved Effigy becomes a nourished Effigy, a nourished Effigy becomes a sated Effigy, and so on until you receive the Dragonkin Lamp.

Each stage requires one of two given skills to be uncovered for its experience. On all Effigies, one of the skills required may be assisted, and one may not be assisted. After an Effigy is completely uncovered, it crumbles into dust, revealing a Dragonkin Lamp, which gives experience in any skill.

If one would like to do so, Historian Minas at Varrock Museum will be more than happy to take an Effigy off your hands in exchange for a lamp that gives 5,000 experience to any skill over 50. This method is not recommended.

 ==Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top BonanzaEdit== [3]:Main article: Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza


Circus barkers are found in each town mentioning the whereabouts of the Circus. To enter the Circus, players have to travel to the town (mentioned above) and find theTicket vendor. The Ticket vendor will provide a Circus ticket, and players are transported into the Circus. To leave the Circus, they simply have to tear their Circus ticket. The destroy option also has the same effect. Note that the Circus moves to a different city every Wednesday, and the Ticket vendor can be found within the city area.

Whilst in the circus, players may test their skills and perform tricks in each of the areas: AgilityRangedMagic,Firemaking, and Thieving. The audience are key to earning maximum points, as they occasionally shout out tricks to perform. Players cannot do more than one performance in each area per week. This means that players, who have completed the AgilityRangedMagicFiremaking, and Thieving performances have to wait for the following week in order to do it again. Circus barkers, who can be found in major cities, inform players where the circus currently is.   ==Big ChinchompaEdit==

Main article: Big Chinchompa

Big Chinchompa is a Hunter-related Distraction and Diversion that was released on 28 August 2012. Players can start the Distraction and Diversion by speaking to Mieliki Tapio in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Players catch different soporith moths and feed them to the Plutonial chinchompa in the center of the area, putting the chinchompa to sleep. The D&D lasts either 20 minutes or when the chinchompa falls asleep. The player earnscompetence points that can either be spent on various Hunter-related items, Hunter experience or on a private area to catch certain creatures.

A recent update by Jagex now allows players with a high Hunter level to collect only the highest valued Grey, Purple and Black Soporith moths, making the maximum possible points obtainable 1,500 easier to achieve.

 ==Champions' ChallengeEdit==

Main article: Champions' Challenge

While fighting creatures of one of 13 'races', one may receive aChampion's scroll as a drop, which challenges the Player to a formal duel by the race's Champion. Champion's scrolls are extremely rare drops, making it quite difficult to duel all the Champions.

Larxus in the Champions' Guild Basement will instruct players about theDistraction and Diversion and will set up a match with a Champion when the player gives him a challenge Scroll. (The player must use the Scroll on Larxus, as just talking to him will not start the duel.) Until the match is started, the player can back out and decide to take the challenge another time.

The duels take place in the Champion's Challenge arena. They have certain rules, such as limiting the player's armour, disallowing some items, and prohibiting some forms of combat. Defeating the Champion will grant the player with equal amounts of Constitution and Slayer experience, as well as the possibility of duels with the Champions of Champions in the future.

After winning 10 challenges, the player will be challenged by the Human Champion of Champions, Leon d'Cour. After winning 13 challenges, the player will be challenged by the Gnome Champion of Champions, Glophren. While several other champions are present, watching the arena, only the Human and Gnome Champions will challenge the player. (Given that the 2009 update added lower champions for three additional races from the original ten and enabled a second champion of champion to issues challenges, many players expect future updates will expand theDistraction and Diversion, until all the Champions of Champions can issues challenges.)

 ==Court CasesEdit==

Main article: Court Cases

Court Cases are a D&D released on 9 June 2010. This D&D requires the completion of King's Ransom and some other requirements. For the first case a Court Summons is not needed, but after your very first Court Case you will need a court summons obtained by killing certain NPC's, pickpocketing, and fishing. The reward is Attack or Defence Experience. Which skill receives experience depends on whether the player is prosecuting or defending; they will receive either Attack or Defence Experience respectively. Court Cases may also have additional rewards unique to each case, in the form of items or Emotes.

This D&D can only be performed once every two weeks. If a player receives a Court Summons within two weeks of their last trial, the summons will contain the message "please present yourself at court in X days". For example, a player receiving a summons two days after their last trial will see the message "Please present yourself at court in 12 days".

 ==Demon Flash MobsEdit==

Main article: Demon Flash Mob

Demon Flash Mobs are the result of Zamorak and the incorporeal Zaros testing the boundaries of Gielinor by sending small flocks of demons forth. A demon mob spawns every 2 hours, and about half of them are in the Wilderness, where their loot is greater. Each mob consists of a demon boss and several minions (imp heralds,greater demons and black demons). All minions must be killed (weakest first, strongest last) before the boss can be damaged - if they take too long to be killed, the boss will devour them himself to heal and strengthen. Once all minions are killed, the boss will attack. He is extremely powerful and not to be underestimated - this D&D is designed for groups only. Once the demon is dead, he will drop some loot (better loot in the Wilderness), with a chance to receive demon slayer armour.

 ==Evil TreeEdit== [13]:Main article: Evil Tree


The Evil Tree can be attempted twice a day and helps players train theirWoodcuttingFiremaking, and Farming skills, by chopping/burning it down, or nurturing the sapling. Waves of trees appear every two hours; between waves, no Trees will appear. To check if an Evil Tree is currently growing, a Spirit tree can be asked. It will also teleport you to it.

Players will see roots shoot out from the ground, giving a sign that the Evil Tree is sprouting and/or is nearby.

You do not need to bring anything with you, as the toolbelt provides a hatchet and a tinderbox. So if you see an Evil Tree and are a long way from a bank, there will be no need to go back. Though, it is recommended you bring your own hatchet since a bronze hatchet won't be very effective against any Evil Tree.

The locations of the trees are different for every World.

Those who live in North America, if they time it right, can chop down 4 trees at a time, as midnight UTC is between 4PM and 7PM , depending on location. Note that the counter will reset at 0:00 UTC. This also applies to stars.

 ==FamiliarisationEdit== [15]:Main article: Familiarisation


Familiarisation is based on Summoning. Players will be summoned as a random familiar and will have to hunt around for Raw Shards. After that is done, return to RuneScape and claim a reward from Pikkenmix or Pikkupstix. They will offer a blessing which will triple Charm drops for a set time, or to receive some ingredients to use in infusing Summoning pouches in the means of a box.

To start Familiarisation, the player has to talk to Pikkupstix in Taverley, who can teach players the art of Summoning. There are no requirements, not even the Wolf Whistle  quest.

 ==Fish FlingersEdit==

Main article: Fish Flingers

This Distraction and Diversion features the Fishing skill. Located in Isla Anglerine, it involves participating in competitions and finding the best combination of bait, hooks, and weights to most efficiently catch the six different types of Fish there. There are no requirements or items needed, but oddly the higher the players Fishing level is the less experience they receive, usually 16-18k xp per game. Players can start by talking to aFisherman, who is located at Catherby's beach or in the Fishing Guild or outside Fishing Guild, and various other fishing spots around runescape. Rewards include Raw fish, Fishing experience, an xp boosting fishing outfit, and Tackle Boxes.

 ==Goblin Flash MobsEdit==

Main article: Goblin raid

Goblin Flash Mob occur every 30 minutes. They consist of Hollowtoofleading a group of goblin raiders in plundering things like farms or mines. The goblins are no stronger than average goblins and the D&D is as such designed for low-levelled people. The goal is to kill all goblin raiders, receiving whatever they were looting as a drop, then take on Hollowtoof, who will drop a piece of raider equipment. After all goblins all defeated, a small Black Guard squad, led by Commander Yodri, will arrive. Yodri gives additional rewards, based on what the goblins were looting.

 ==God StatuesEdit==

Main article: God Statues

Players must build statues of various gods in return for Construction experience. God Statues may be completed once a month.

Four statues may be built each month in four separate locations around Gielinor. The locations of the statues are TaverleyGu'TanothLumbridge and Canifis. Players must select who they wish their statue to represent. They can choose either Zamorak's K'ril Tsutsaroth, Saradomin's Zilyana, Bandos' Graardor or Guthix's Juna. Next, players must arrange the scaffolding around a large stone in the correct pattern to enable themselves to sculpt the statue. Players are rewarded with a construction experience reward for successfully completing each statue.

Depending on whether locals approve of the god depicted in their nearby statue, players can also receive either a prayer or slayer experience reward. Should a player's chosen statue satisfy local residents, they are able to pray at the statue gaining prayer experience. Whereas should the player's chosen statue anger locals, an aggressiveFanatic will appear. The fanatic's combat level increases depending on the difficulty of the statue. Once the fanatic has been killed, the player will receive a slayer experience reward.

 ==Penguin Hide and SeekEdit== [23]:Main article: Penguin Hide and Seek


In order to start, players must first talk to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo and receive a Spy notebook. With this notebook, all of thePenguins that have been spotted will be recorded, as well as how many Penguin Spotting Points the player currently has. However, the notebook does not need to be carried in the inventory in order to earn Penguin Points.

Clues as to the whereabouts of each Penguin may be obtained from Larry bytalking to him, or contacting him through the Lunar spell NPC Contact. Upon finding a Penguin, the 'Spy on' option can be used to log the details into the notebook. Return to Larry for the rewards.

The regions of the Penguins are the same for all worlds, but will change every week (and the specific location of aPenguin varies from world to world). Chat-based and Thread-based hunting are two different methods for finding penguin locations and you can find the respective threads in the Distractions and Diversions section of the official RuneScape forums.

After completing the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber, a Polar bearChuck, replaces Larry as the source of clues and where to turn in Penguin Points. With the completion of the Quest, players also have the option to spy a stationaryPolar Bear hiding in a well for an extra point. The bear changes its location once per week on the same time-frame as penguins.

Furthermore, after completing Some Like it Cold, you can hunt for a ghost penguin that is very elusive. requires ring of visability and most likely some friends

There are several Penguin Hide and Seek clan chats, where people share the locations of Penguins.

 ==Phoenix LairEdit==

Main article: Phoenix Lair[25]

The Phoenix is an Ancient, practically immortal creature capable of endlessly renewing herself under the correct conditions. The last Phoenixknown to still exist is determined to live a very long life, and asks whichever Adventurer has saved her to return regularly for battle, so that she may repeat her death and rebirth cycle.

Of course, the Phoenix must be sure that its opponent is worthy, and so its reborn guardians will do their very best to hinder anyone they come across.

Players will have to complete In Pyre Need in order to do this. To kill the Phoenix, they will also need 51 Slayer.

 ==Shattered HeartEdit==

Main article: Shattered Heart

While training your non-combat skills, you may occasionally receive a Strange rock. Visit Varrock Museum to have the stones appraised and you will discover that these are parts of the statue of Dahmaroc; a mage who was turned to stone during a duel and whose cursed remains have been scattered across the world. Initially, you will only be able to obtain 2 rocks from any particular skill. When you have received the first rock for a skill, the drop chance for the second will be reduced by half. Once you have received two rocks from practicing a skill you will receive no more from that skill until the Statue is rebuilt entirely. Actions that can yield a rock include those in the main article. It's a good idea to mix up your training; perhaps try out a new skill in which you've yet to dabble. Completing the statue also rewards the player with an item that will allow them to either build or add pieces to the statue in your POH.

 ==Shooting StarEdit== [29]:Main article: Shooting Star


Every 2 hours, a Shooting Star falls into a random area within Gielinor. Players have to mine through the Star, collecting up to 200 stardust a day to exchange with the Star Sprite inside for coinscosmic runesastral runesgold ore, and a chance to mine an additional ore while mining. Level 10 Mining is required to mine through the smallest Shooting Star, while level 90Mining is required to mine through the biggest.

Players may figure out where the next Shooting Star will land by looking through a telescope in a Study inside aPlayer-owned house.


Main article: Sinkholes

This activity is themed on Dungeoneering. Players can participate twice per day. Every 20 minutes, a sinkhole appears in a location in Gielinor. By entering it, players in a group of 5 race to raid a dungeon looking like those in Daemonheim for resources. This may involve skill activities like MiningWoodcuttingFishingFarmingand combat with monsters inside dungeon rooms. The more a player raids, the greater the reward he receives. Gorajo hoardstalker sitting inside sinkholes would provide more information on the gameplay and to start the game as well.

A twist in rewards is the use of summoning familiar cards. Each card gives a special effect that may swap with, copy from or add into players' rewards. The rewards may in the form of Dungeoneering experience, Dungeoneering tokens, or a cosmetic Hoardstalker outfit.

There is no requirements for this activity. The location of sinkholes can be checked from Talsar in Daemonheim, who offers teleports thrice per day.

 ==Tears of GuthixEdit==

Main article: Tears of Guthix (Distraction and Diversion)

Tears of Guthix is a short game that players may use to gain experience in their lowest levelled skill without having to train that particular skill. To participate in theDistraction and Diversion, players must have completed the Tears of Guthix quest. In addition, players may only play this Distraction and Diversion at most once every seven days and must have gained at least 100,000 total experience or one quest point since the last time they participated in it. To access the Distraction and Diversion, a player must travel through the Lumbridge Swamp Caves to the Tears of Guthix cavern and tell a story to Juna, the serpent guardian of Guthix's tears. Each time a story is told to Juna, players recount a story based upon a quest that they have completed. Since the Swamp Caves are dark,Players require a light source in order to play. Additionally, both hands must be free in order to wield the Stone Bowlthat is used to collect the Tears of Guthix.

Players receive one second inside the cave to collect tears for every Quest Point he or she has. When the lowestLevel skill is at least 30, the player receives 60 XP for each tear collected. Below level 30, players receive 50 XP each, but there may be a lower limit. The XP gained is not related to the quest points a player has, although more Tears can be collected with more Quest points.

 ==Treasure TrailsEdit==

Main article: Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails is one of the Distractions and Diversions available to Members in which a player follows a series of clues to get a reward. The value of rewards can range from about 100 coins to over 140 million coins, but more commonly is between 10,000 and 3 million coins. Level 1 clue scroll rewards range from as few as 100 coins to 7.5 million coins. Level 2 clue scroll rewards range between 2,000 coins to 28 million coins. Some players choose to do treasure trails to make money, due to the chance of getting an extremely valuable item. A treasure trail is started by finding a clue scroll. Clue scrolls are randomly dropped by various monsters and give the player his or her first clue to follow. For a list of clue-dropping monsters, please see List of clue scroll dropping monsters. Players will only receive a new clue scroll if he or she does not already have one in his or her inventory, bank, or Kingdom Management resources. Clues can involve following maps, solving puzzles, finding coordinates, talking to various NPCs, and fighting monsters. After the treasure trail is completed, the player receives a reward. Most unique rewards (with some notable exceptions) can be placed in the treasure chest in the costume room of a player's house.

  • Level 1 trails can be between 1 and 5 clues long with little or no quest requirements.
  • Level 2 trails can also be between 1 and 5 clues long with some quest requirements.
  • Level 3 trails can be between 4 and 8 clues long, with multiple enemies to defeat and high-levelled quest requirements.
  • Level 4 trails can be between 5 and 10 clues long as well, with high-levelled enemies to defeat and often many quest requirements.

 ==Troll InvasionEdit== [37]:Main article: Troll Invasion


Troll Invasion is an activity in which players attempt to defeat trolls inBurthorpe. This can be done either through fighting or skilling. If fighting, waves of trolls come down the hills, getting progressively more difficult. In the regular version there are 20 waves, and in the hard version there are 7. If skilling, the gatehouse must be maintained for the soldiers. The ballista must be tended to, the oil vats refilled, and the barricades repaired. If the trolls are stopped for ten minutes, they will depart. The reward is areward book, which gives experience in any skill. The reward is given after the first time playing per month; subsequent plays will not result in a reward.

 ==The PitEdit==

Main article: The Pit

The Pit was released on 12 October 2011, and is a Distraction and Diversion in which players play various minigames relating to Agility, in order to gain agility experience.

By completing a lap on an agility course, players may attract the attention of theTalent scout, and may then choose to go and talk to him to participate in a challenge run by Snotgut and Scrambles. Completing the challenge successfully for the first time yields a gorilla mask. Each participation in The Pit is rewarded by agility experience, amount dependant on the agility course, challenge received, and whether the challenge was completed successfully or not. The Talent scouts' attention can only be caught once an hour.

 ==Wilderness WarbandsEdit==

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Main article: Wilderness Warbands

The Wilderness Warbands are groups of followers of particular gods having set up camp in the Wilderness. They play a role in this dangerous D&D where people loot their camp.

 =="Distraction and Diversion" dayEdit==

To celebrate bot nuking day on the 25th October 2011, Jagex announced that they would host a Distraction and Diversion day the following Thursday. The day included:

  • Penguin Hide & Seek: Double points
  • Evil Tree: Triple experience
  • Shooting Star: Triple experience plus increased final rewards
  • Familiarisation: Players can have both ingredients and increased charm drop instead of choosing